Hawk Eye in Football

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Hawk-Eye is a technology that detects whether the ball has passed the goal line.This system is accurate and has been used for many years in tennis and cricket ,and it has proven to be reliable.This system only requires a small percentage of the ball to be visible and it detects the ball.This system does not need to adapt or be some how connected to the ball or goal posts.The Hawk Eye system uses fourteen cameras and sends a signal within a second to the referee’s watch and ear piece.This system costs around £250,000 to install ,this will be installed in 20 Premier League stadiums,with seven cameras on each goal.This system was first used in the Community Shield match in 2013 in august.

It has no single point of failure because it is so fast and accurate ,it has been tested a number of time and it hasn’t failed at all.

There have been people who oppose this system.Michel Platini (UEFA President) has opposed this system  ,this means that this system wont be used in European competitions.Fifa will be using a different type of goal line system.This is called goal control ,it will be used in the 2014 World cup.



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