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Smart Ball system :

This is a ball with a senser loaded inside it . It uses a network of receivers around the field designed to track the ball’s precise position in real time.That information would be relayed in less than a second to a watch-like device worn by the referee.It can track it a ball has passed the has been developed by German companies Cairos Technologies and Adidas athletic clothing and shoe company.

The  Ball is loaded with a number of sensors, such as  an accelerometer and a magnetometer.They measure the forces on the  smart ball during its flight.

Kick is an open mode where the app will analyse kicks for the speed, bend, impact location and trajector.After each kick the smart ball analysis it and gives back information.

The record book is a cool part of this new technology where it records the days 10 best kicks.

This new ball will focus on improving the users skill and help the player to progress with ball control.

This smart ball will be released in 2014.



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