Adidas have made a new football boot with a “brain”

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This new football boot is able to track a player’s speed ,distance and work rate during a game.

This new boot contains a data chip which measures the footballer’s performance.

These boots are supposed to be the lightest in the planet according to Adidas.

They weigh around 165 grams .

It also features MiCoach technology, allowing the wearer to get data from their game on speed, acceleration and more which can then be analyzed by the coach on a tablet, or used to settle a score with a buddy over who is the fastest on the pitch.

To make this new product popular Adidas have signed up Lionel Messi , Gareth Bale, Ashley Young and Samir Nasri to wear it on the pitch.

Ashley Young is excited to wear these boots and claims players will be faster in them : “The new boot will help players be faster than ever and now, with the miCoach technology; they’ll be able to prove just how fast they really are. I can’t wait to wear the boots in November and share my stats with the adidas community”.

This new technology can also measure distance covered and distance at high intensity levels..




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