Twitter and facebook affecting football

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Twitter and facebook have effected football in many ways.

Positives :

  • Clubs can use facebook and twitter as marketing and attracting more people .Clubs become more accessible that means this is more comfortable for fans to support them so more people start to support the club
  • Fans can find out about starting line ups before matches through facebook and twitter.
  • Fans can follow the daily life of clubs like photos of players training and traveling to matches .
  • Fans can give there opinion on how the club is run and its performance.
  • Fans can buy products ,tickets and find out about fixtures through facebook.



  • Players may get distracted by facebook and twitter and this might make there performance worse out on the pitch.
  • Players may get carried away and get into trouble when writing something on twitter or facebook.

I have come to a conclusion that these social networks can be very useful for clubs if there are used properly by clubs.



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