Manchester City 6 – 0 Tottenham

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Manchester City humiliated Tottenham this weekend by scoring 6 goals.

It all started on the 12 second when Hugo Llorris cleared the ball to Sergio Aguero and he took a shot but it was  saved by Llorris but he hit the ball to Navas and he chipped over beautifully over Llorris and  Man city where ahead.

The second goal again came from another clearance for Llorris and this time Negredo scored from a Nasri cross.

The third came just before half time .It was Aguero again who scored,Navas with a low cross into the box and he Aguero tap it in with came low finish.

Aguero scored  his second of the day on the 50th minute.Toure made a splendid run and passed the ball to Aguero who finished it for Man City.

The forth goal came in the second time on the 55th minute.Negredo scored from a lovely pass from Fernandinho who moved to Man City from Shakhtar Donetsk for 40 million euros.

Navas in the found more strength to run on the 92 minute .Milner made a great cross to Navas from his half to Navas who took advantage of the defender’s mistake,his missed the ball Navas was left one on one and scored with ease.

                Premier League
           24 November 2013
Game week
Venue: Ethihad Stadium (Manchester)



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